Hattie Newman

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Michael Wesely

Vincent Laforet

Stéphane Couturier
Seoul, Tanji , 2006-2010

High Rise - Idea and Reality


Michael Wolf in  ”tales of density”


Michael Wolf

Tokyo Compression

Michael Wolf is known for his large-format architectural photos of Chicago and primarily of Hong Kong, where he has been living for more than 15 years.

His latest pictures have also been created in a big city: Tokyo. But this time Tokyo’s architecture is not the topic. Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute by minute.

Every day thousands and thousands of people enter this subsurface hell for two or more hours, constrained between glass, steel and other people who roll to their place of work and back home beneath the city. In Michael Wolf’s pictures we look into countless human faces, all trying to sustain this evident madness in their own way.

— Christian Schüle


Corner apartments in Hong Kong - photos by Michael Wolf

Boyle works in a very visual way, so he came to the project with some ideas about creation and energy. One of these was a ceiling full of lightbulbs based on the work of an installation artist he’d seen. So we have a very large mirrored ceiling above the audience that contains about 4000 bulbs. When the creature first opens his eyes the audience will be subjected to this immense blast of light.

- Mark Tildesley

Frankenstein (2011) Directed by Danny Boyle, Production Designer Mark Tildesley, Lighting Designer Bruno Poet. [x]